Cupcakes in the News

Well, this is pretty silly. I was working in a restaurant called Burgers & Cupcakes. As the video shows, there was a large, rotating cupcake on top of the restaurant's canopy. And someone didn't like it. This person disliked the cupcake so much that they called the DOT (Department of Transportation), and complained. The owners have been sent an order to remove the cupcake or be fined. So, of course they staged a protest. We made the news, the newspaper. It's a whole big thing. And there I am, dancing for the cameras, once more. It's not really acting, but you might call it performance art...

Jesse Schoem
April 9, 2007
Union City, NJ

UPDATE: Burgers and Cupcakes is no more. As far as I know the D.O.T. had nothing to do with its closing.